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Ideal Saddlery

A world of choice in Performance, Durability and Style

IDEAL is a market leader in the design and manufacture of fine saddles. For over thirty years we have been based in Walsall, the home of English saddlery, and we believe our range of saddles offers unrivalled choice in quality and style for the discerning rider.

With skilled fitting, the finest workmanship and our trademark flexibility we create the IDEAL saddle ensuring that both rider and horse achieve their best.

At IDEAL we are proud of our products and delight in the achievements of the riders that use them...

An IDEAL partnership is one that lasts a lifetime.

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Jessica Since its launch on the 286 tree the Jessica has been a true winner. Designed to meet continual demands for a comfortable, affordable and... More

In stock
Suzannah We noticed that of late we were being repeatedly asked to make the same modifications to our dressage saddles, on further investigation and... More

Tonishia Supeme
In stock
Tonishia Supeme The tree in this saddle has been technologically designed to allow room for the muscle mass found at the thoracic part of the... More

Impala Professional Dressage
In stock
Impala Professional Dressage Intended to be the perfect partner to our Impala Pro Jump Saddle. The Impala Pro Dressage has the same unique flap... More

In stock
Grandee This has a square cantle that gives a flatter seat, and is available with three different knee roll styles. This is a more forward cut GP... More

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Nyala This Jump GP saddle sits between our petite Impala and the larger Gazelle. It presents a neat secure seat with hook and loop fastening knee... More

Impala Prossional Jump
In stock
Impala Professional Jump This modern single flap saddle has been developed in conjunction with top riders to fulfil the need for closeness to the... More

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