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Hastilow Competition Saddles

History of Hastilow

Hastilow Competition Saddles is a family run company which produces bespoke and custom saddlery. Started by Frank Hastilow in Walsall in the early 1960's both boys; Ian (now president) and Andrew (master designer and saddle maker) grew up to be Master Saddlers. Ian moved to southern England and in 1980 opened Haslemere Saddlery. Andrew and Frank followed him to develop Hastilow Competition Saddles

Our Mission

Hastilow Competition Saddles is a company where the Master Saddlers that make and design the products are also Qualified Saddle Fitters. This company researches and applies knowledge to the development of its saddlery line. Hastilow Competition Saddles strives to find the most sympathetic fit for horse and rider.

Ordering Your Saddle

As the company is made up of designers, Master Saddlers, and Qualified Saddle Fitters all you questions and issues can be addressed with a phone call. Please call the office 717-294-6757 to arrange for custom order.  Options for customized saddles can include- gusset size, gusset type/length, panel shape, flap length, block type/placement, welting colors, accent leathers. 

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