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Fairfax Saddles

Welcome to Fairfax Saddles

Our mission is to improve your horse’s performance with our range of scientifically proven saddles, bridles and girths.

The success we’ve achieved is built on a winning combination of tradition, technology and testing. Each item we develop is scrutinised using the latest pressure mapping and gait analysis systems available.
You can trust that when we say our products help prevent muscular restriction and improve freedom of movement, our claims are backed up with accurate and independent scientific data. We believe this ground-breaking approach to combined diagnostic testing makes us unique.

All Fairfax products are handmade in England by highly skilled craftsmen and Master Saddlers using the finest English and Italian leather. Explore our range of saddles, girths and bridles and see for yourself how you could help enhance your horse’s competitive edge.

Built on tradition. Designed using science. Created by craftsmen.

Fairfax Gareth Monoflap Dressage Saddle
In stock
Developed with 2014 WEG team silver medalist Gareth Hughes to enable the rider to feel a closer connection with their horse. The seat is precisely formed... More

Fairfax Rebecca Monoflap Dressage Saddle
Following the unprecedented success of the Fairfax Gareth (developed to give WEG team silver medalist Gareth Hughes a closer connection with his horse), the... More

Fairfax Monoflap Dressage


In stock
With an elegant monoflap design complemented by the softest calfskins and quality English butt leather, the Fairfax monoflap dressage promotes an... More

Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC
In stock
The Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC saddle features a two-part panel that prevents the front of the saddle from being pulled down and in. The main part of the panel... More

Fairfax Jump Saddle


Following on from the success of the Fairfax Performance girth (which was kept secret to give a competitive advantage to Team GBR), Vanessa has been... More

Fairfax Monoflap XC Jump


In stock
Our new XC saddle features our advanced split-panel design. The purpose is to separate the weight-bearing part under the rider’s seat from the part... More

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