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Black Country Vinici Dressage
In stock
Endorsed by Maria Griffin and Ellie Coletti. The Vinici Dressage saddle’s single/mono flap offers an outstanding closeness, maximising the... More

Kent & Masters S-Series Pony Jump


In stock
With high comfort forward cut flaps specifically designed to support the rider's leg in the shorter jumping position. Changeable gullet bar and adjustable... More

Kent & Masters Pony


In stock
A range scaled to take children from their very first riding experience all the way through their pony riding years. The seat is shaped to help the rider... More

Kent & Masters Pony Long Leg


In stock
The flap is cut forward in front of the point of the rider's knee to accomodate the leggy teenager or the adult pony rider. The seat is shaped to help the... More

Black Country Eloquence Dressage Saddle
In stock
The Eloquence Dressage saddle has proved to be the most popular dressage model in this range for whatever level you are riding in. It offers a medium... More

Black Country Eden Dressage Saddle
The Eden is another of our well established dressage saddles. The design of the tree in this saddle lends itself to ‘dipped backed’... More

Black Country Quantum Jumping Saddle


  The Quantum Jumping saddle is built on a close contact tree and panel, it gives a flatter seat required for stadium or cross country jumping.... More

Thorowgood T8 Compact GP


In stock
The new GP has a neat seat and is very compact for its size, making it a very versatile fit. The deeper gusseted panel on the high wither ensures maximum... More

Thorowgood T4 Dressage


In stock
This saddle is the perfect option for those just starting to focus on dressage or working with a young horse. It is suitable for a wide variety of horses.... More

Thorowgood T4 Compact GP


In stock
This new GP has a neat seat and is very compact for its size, making it a very versatile fit. The tree is shorter and slightly flatter on the underside, so... More

Thorowgood T8 Surface Block Dressage
In stock
New dressage specific  tree suited to a wide variety of conformations. Low profile panel design offers closer rider contact and remarkable saddle... More

Black Country Tex Eventer


In stock
A favourite in the US, this exciting saddle is specifically targeted at event riders. The forwardness of the flap and the long sloping seat allow... More

Black Country Maelstrom Jumping Saddle


In stock
As described by the Horse and Hound – If the “Sex and the City” girls were into horses, this is surely the saddle they’d choose.... More

Black Country Wexford Jumping Saddle


The Wexford is a deep-seated jumping saddle, similar to the GP range, though offering a wider seat for comfort than most traditional jump saddles. This... More

Black Country Ricochet Jump


In stock
The Ricochet is an amalgamation of our two most popular jumping saddles, the Quantum and the Wexford. It has a low profile square cantled seat and the... More

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