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Three adjustment slots
  • Three adjustment slots
  • Adjustable inserts

Prolite Tri-Pad


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Prolite pads offer 3-n-1 protection, first by absorbing impact from strikes and blows or rider movement, second by disperses pressure points over a wider area, and third absorbs lateral movement remaining still againest the skin.

Saddle fitter's tool which allows multiple temporary balancing options, inluding a sway back adjustment e.g. to test a saddle before flocking adjustment or special ordering or perfect for adjusting a saddle's fit while your horse is developing fitness

Based on a thin wide pad to minimise bulk, this is a slimmed down version of our popular adjustable pad affectionately known as “the saddle fitter’s friend”.

Provides quick easy front or rear adjustment when trying to balance a saddle.Set on a thin base to keep bulk to a minimum, this three-pocketed pad provides endless solutions when trying to balance a saddle on a horse with asymmetric conformation or during a remedial fit.  Also helpful for the sway backed or croup high horse.


***Note: this pad is black. Blue areas represent where shims may be placed to adjust saddle balance

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