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O U R   S A D D L E S   &   T A C K


Hastilow Saddles
Our saddles and bridlework not only provide a custom service but the Hastilow saddle also includes a range of exclusive features.  There is a range of saddle trees available to ensure a proper fit for all horses and riders, unlike some makers who limit their tree choice to one manufacturer.  Each saddle carries an identification number which also includes a date of manufacture.  We offer an online registry to ensure your saddles guarantee (lifetime on all Simatree adjustable sales and 10 years on all classical tree sales) and complete history.  

Black Country Saddles
Black Country Saddles provide a complimentary line of custom saddles, these saddles provide a larger choice in colour, leathers and finishes.  They still use the same high quality Pittards leathers and the service, fit and quality is equal to that of Hastilow’s. 


Fairfax Saddles 

The Fairfax range of saddles include the T8 Thorowgood adjustables on a "Simatree"; a low price point saddle with great fit, wool flocked, and tested with the Pliance system; also the Kent & Masters range on an all leather, wool flocked, adjustable saddle at a medium price point.


Ideal Saddles

Ideal saddles offer both the Crowne Ideal range and the Walsall Riding Co range.  With prices at the upper and middle range.  Custom or semi custom saddles available.


*Each new saddle comes with a well-designed and practical cover. Bridles come with a bridle bag.

Second Hand and Consignment Saddles

Second Hand and Consignment Hastilow, Black Country, Ideal, TG, Fairfax and many other quality English brands are always available at www.hastilowusa.com, check out our second hand page.  We provide a commission basis re-sale of used saddles, for more information please see our contact us page or e-mail info@hastilowusa.com.

Neueschule Bits

EntirelyEnglishTack.com features Neueschule bits.  This range of bits is designed by a Breeder and competitor who specializes in addressing bitting requirements.  Ergonomically designed with many options not available elsewhere, this range promotes a softer contact and quieter mouth with all aspects of conformation of the mouth taken into account.  Specialist pony bits available.

Leather Notes

Leather is a unique product, it is a natural material made from animal hide. In their lives, animals may receive scratches and blemishes which are part of the hide, these do not compromise the product in any way, and they add character to the product. We avoid using leather with scars that will weaken it, and as our saddles are all handmade in the UK, the colors of the leather may vary at times as may the actual look of the product. You are buying a ”one off” item that is manmade, not production line made so each will be a little different. The manufacturing of saddles, can at times call for the leather to be shaped wet and this sometimes results in small amounts of wrinkling, this is part of the product and is not a fault.  

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