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Short girths for saddles with long billets (dressage and monoflap styles)

Fairfax Short Girth
In stock
Increases the horse’s performance by: http://www.fairfaxsaddles.com/girths/girth-fitting • Dramatically reducing pressure •... More

Fairfax Stud Guard
In stock

Hastilow Center Elastic Dressage Girth

CODE: G196

In stock
Comfi-Soft-Elastic--Dressag.gif The ultimate in comfort for your horse! A very soft, well-padded dressage girth. This elasticated girth has a thick strip of... More

Black Country Dressage Girth

CODE: G200

$266.00   $145.00
In stock
This style of dressage girth is extremely soft and pliable, so the horse is really well padded and protected in this area. It stabilizes the saddle with... More

Hastilow Concept Full Elastic Girth

CODE: G201

In stock
This style of dressage girth is completely elasticated. Giving even pressure on the buckles, eliminating one sided pressure that occurs with girths that... More

Hastilow Non-Elastic Dressage Girth

CODE: G194

In stock
The ultimate in comfort for your horse!  A very soft, well-padded dressage girth. Non-elastic girths are perfect for "grithy" horses or those who don't... More

Prolite Short Girth
In stock
Manufactured under license from Fairfax Saddles Ltd's intellectual property rights, this design of girth is scientifically proven to dramatically increase... More

Ideal Affinity Dressage Girth

CODE: G188

$165.00   $135.00
In stock
Formed and shapped girth, we carry only a few varieties in stock! One of the latest additions to the range are the Affinity girths which can come in a... More

Hastilow Balding Girth

CODE: G193

In stock
A braided girth for horses and ponies that rub or gall easily, have a narrow shoulder/girth area, or have lots of skin in the girth area that is easily... More

Thorowgood Dressage Girth


In stock
Stay soft cushioning, texturized air flow system along with the gently curved design allows this girth to fit comfortably on almost all horses!... More

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