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Control in any riding situation is a subtle combination of tack and aids, both in choice and function.  Choosing the right bit is paramount, but then pairing it with the wrong noseband or one whose fit interferes with the bit action or mouth mechanics of your horse can cause disasterous results.  Knowing how to correctly choose the action of your noseband to work with your bit choice means successful control and a happy horse. More discussion of this topic and correct fitting, actions and use information, can be found in "Tack in Focus" on this site.

Drop Nose Band Multi Adjustable


In stock
Adjusts at multiple points Both sides of the head Both sides of the nose Under the chin English, hand made in Pittards leather. Padded... More

Crank Noseband


In stock
This fitting is designed to close the cavesson more securely. It has a padded back and keepers to stop sliding or movement of the straps. Please see our... More

Grackle/Figure-Eight Noseband


In stock
Comes in two varieties. Standard comes with slip holds to noseband, which allows fit to be secure in all places. Mexican comes with rings to noseband, which... More

Kineton Noseband


In stock
Helps to stop strong horses. This noseband has two adjustments so that it fits well and is comfortable for the horse. Please see our Custom Bridle... More

Lever Noseband


In stock
The crescent shape of this noseband gives extra leverage to stop horses pulling out and down while crossing their jaws or resisting. Needs to be fitted... More

Worcester Noseband


In stock
The Worcester is a noseband designed to either hold the bit high in the horse's mouth or to influence the bit with extra nose pressure, depending on how it... More

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