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Abbey Bits

The Components for Abbey bits are manufactured from castings using the "lost wax" technique, producing a much finer detail and finish than the traditonal sand-cast steel.  Where unusual parts are required, they are fabricated by handin our British workshops using high quality steel bar.

Vulcanite Jointed Loose Ring


In stock
This Vulcanite covered single jointed loose ring makes this bet much milder and cushions the bars of the mouth.  This bit will be quite bulky if your... More

Waterford Swivel Ring


In stock
Waterford mouthpiece allows for a loose and soft mouth on relaxation, but a fixed mouthpiece when the modules are pulled into a locked position.  This... More

Fixed Weymouth


In stock
Fixed Weymouth with a Tom Thumb shank.  This is a short shank for leverage.

Half Cheek Barry Gag


In stock
Half moon gag gives greater slippage of the cheek piece.  W shaped mouth is designed for horses who pull more on one side than the other.

Hartford Link Swivel 4 Ring


In stock
This bit is a 4 ring elevator with a cartwheel action that moves and controls the shoulders.  Rotating central ball stops the horse from fixing his jaw... More

Three Ring Copper Roller


In stock
Copper Roller mouthpiece stays loose in action.  This bit has an elevator action with guards at the lips.

Jointed Swivel Ring Bit (Cartwheel)

CODE: A1860K, A1860N

In stock
The single jointed mouth has the same action as any other single joint with out leverage. Cartwheel action moves and lifts shoulders up left and right.... More

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