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Mara DePuy - Professional Eventer

I have used Pro-lite boots for over 10 years on everything from young horses to Advanced horses. They are simply unmatched in quality, comfort and ease of use. They keep horseslegs cool, don't absorb water or dirt, and best of all, don't rub even the most sensitive skinned horses. After years of only being able to get them on trips to the UK, I was so excited to find an American distributor in Hastilow!

I use custom-fit saddles for my competition horses, but even so, the amount of work an upper level event horses back takes can sometimes leave them back-sore. Pro-lite pads give an excellent shock absorption and help my horses backs stay in great condition. I recently imported a horse who came down with Lymes disease, and bringing him back to work with a Pro-Lite pad has really helped keep his muscle-soreness at bay!

Mara DePuy Competing


Jessica Bortner-Harris - Professional Eventer

Hastilow saddles have completely changed how my horses go for the better. The customer service rocks, and their saddle fitters really know what they're doing! Love this company and their products.

 Jess and "Bug" in Show Jump

Tana Campbell

I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had today with Emily! She brought great choices out for me and I found one I really liked! I will definitely refer Emily and Hastilow to anybody that asks for a reccommedation regarding a saddle. Her patience was wonderful and she knew exactly what my horse and I needed.

Thank you for everything, I can't wait to get my new saddle!

Michelle Currey

Annette-I bought a NeueSchule bit from you at the Potomac Hunt Races…It’s working great-my horse’s neck carriage has improved immediately and he loves the bit. I’ll probably put it down on the lower ring soon to try it out. My friend is borrowing it tonight to see how her horse reacts to it. Again, thanks for all your help and hopefully I can send some customers your way!”

Glenda Smith – Dressage Rider

“All my life I’d wanted a horse and figured that at 60, it was now or never.  Jake was a 16 hand Appaloosa, as quiet as could be, but when I rode him his back was sensitive and he was fidgety.  My trainer said his problem resulted from lack of muscle and an improperly fitted saddle.  Eventually I bought a Hastilow saddle that was fitted to both Jake and me, and I continued to take weekly dressage lessons.  Within a short time, Jake’s back wasn’t as sensitive and he was moving more freely.  The Hastilow saddle is great for both of us – it has helped to eliminate Jake’s sensitive back and it is exceptionally comfortable for my aging body.  Hastilow saddles offer the rider comfort, increased stability, and security – all very important for the “mature” rider.”
Stephanie Fell– Dressage Rider and Pony Club Graduate

My first Hastilow saddle was purchased when I was a D rated Pony Clubber for my Quarter Horse mare Freedom, whose boxy frame made finding a well-fitting English saddle nearly impossible.  The Hastilow Antelope saddle was extremely affordable and comfortable for both of us.  The customized style allowed me to pursue my dressage lessons by giving me enough flap to let my leg stretch down my mare’s side, while having a knee roll that was far enough forward to accommodate lower level jumping and eventing that is required to proceed in Pony Club.

As I progressed through my riding career, I moved on to a big-boned Thoroughbred named Ghost, with whom I competed through Second level in dressage and achieved a C2 rating in Pony Club.  Ghost became increasingly difficult to move forward off of my leg, and while training and riding issues were addressed, nothing seemed to motivate my once “freely forward” partner.  My trainer suggested that I try a Hastilow Event saddle with a ProFlex tree.  I was skeptical that simply switching trees would improve my horse’s way of going, but I was wrong!  The second the saddle was on his back, Ghost stepped forward, reached under his body with his hind legs, and allowed his back to swing.  I could not have been so successful with Ghost if it had not been for my Hastilow ProFlex Event saddle!

Liz Hart

Thank you so much for helping to find a dressage saddle for Kestrel. I appreciate all of your searching for the right fit for the both of us. I love this one so much! I instantly felt comortable in it. Thanks again for all the great help!

Tim Kyner

I never thought I would find an endurance saddle as comfortable and secure as a western one, but I really love my Hastilow and so does my horse -- it fits.

Mary Cross

I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful visit for the saddle fitting for my Connemara, Traveller, yesterday. I learned so much and so appreciate the time and expertise you shared with us. Today I had my lesson using my saddle that you checked and added additional flocking for the correct fit. What a difference it made! My trainer noted seeing improvement in Traveller's forward movement and I felt so much more stability in my balance and position due to the adjustments you had made in my saddle. The adjustments created such a posititve difference for both Traveller and me! I am thrilled! 

Sonya Hunt

Thanks for the great customer service!

Jen Buday

Annette, you went above and beyond on every level. Thank you so much for helping us through the maze of saddle-fitting. I will continue to sing your praises, both at the barn and on our  little circuit.

Lisa Hall

I really like my Adam Ellis!!

Michele Hoover

I just wanted to share some positive feedback from my experience with Annette and my purchase of the Jill Thomas endurance saddle. I think up until now I had lost complete faith in saddle makers! Prior to this experience, I purchased two new saddles in the past two years plus already owned three saddles. My arabian/paint mare that I owned for just a few years didn't fit the saddles I already owned. I also borrowed a couple of saddles from my friends that also did not fit. So I went out and purchased a flex panel saddle that cost $1600, it was a beautiful saddle but did not fit. The panels were to long and were putting pressure on her loins causing her to drop her back and not use her back end. I made the mistake of believing that those flex panels made it fit any horse. I then found a saddle maker online that claimed they custom make your saddle and have this special measuring kit that will ensure it will fit your horse. I now spent another $2400 on this so called custom fit saddle. This saddle was so poorly made it wasn't even symmetrical and really messed up my horse's back in just four months of riding.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who recommended calling Annette. After contacting Annette she asked what type of riding I doand we set up an appointment. She came out, fitted me and my horse with the Jill Thomas by Thorowgood. I have been riding in this saddle for the past six months and it's been fantastic. I'm very comfortable and my horse is no longer pulling us up the mountains. I have a new found engine in the back that I nver felt her use since I purchased her almost four years ago. I recently had my six month check up and Annette was awesome and we had to make some adjustments since her shape did change a little bit. I love this sadddle, it just took changing out the gullet and the addle is even more comfortalbe for me.  I was tipping a bit forward, she saw that it wasn't completely level and fixed me right up. I can't express how grateful I am to know that my saddle isn't hurting my horse and I'm comfortable too.

It's been a difficult process to get here and it's cost my horse, who never complained with all my mistakes, and my wallet but you have an extremely satisfied customer with renewed faith in the industry. I love that I can change out the gullet if needed, we can reflock it if needed and I can hose it off when I get back from riding.


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