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General Purpose Saddles

Your resource for second-hand, British-made saddles. We are happy to work with a copy of your tracings to select the best fit for both you and your horse. Please contact the office info@hastilowusa.com or 717-294-6757 for all saddle fitting questions you may have!!

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Hastilow Polo Saddle 508-U, 18", M, Brown

CODE: 508-U

In stock
Brand new, never been ridden in 18" Medium Brown

Albion Legend 5000 VSD Edurance 507-U, 18", M, Brown

CODE: 507-U

In stock
18" Medium Brown Suede Knee

Hastilow Pony GP 1333-U, 14.5", WXW, Brown

CODE: 1333-U

In stock
14.5" wide extra wide Brown Hastilow MFG #: 2016 5558

Barry Swain GP 1370-U, 16.5", WXW, Brown

CODE: 1370-U

In stock
16.5" WXW Brown Buffalo Print Velcro Knee Block More

Ideal Excelle GP, 1419-U, 17.5, MW, Black

CODE: 1419-U

In stock
17.5" MW Black mfg 0011571

Albion Legend 5000 GP 1532-U, 17.5", W, Brown

CODE: 1532-U

In stock
17.5" Wide Brown

Mountfort GP, 1451-U, 18, W, Brown

CODE: 1451-U

In stock
18" Wide Brown Mfg #4605 Soft Seat

Albion K2 Legend GP 1639-U, 18", MW, Brown

CODE: 1639-U

In stock

Albion K2 Legend Gp 1658-U, 17", MW, Brown

CODE: 1658-U

In stock

Black Country Wexford GP 1983-U, 18", M, Brown

CODE: 1983-U

In stock

Hastilow Stag GP 1744-C, 17.5", M, Black

CODE: 1744-C

In stock

Kent & Masters Cob GP 1711-U, 17.5", Adj, Black

CODE: 1711-U

In stock

Kent & Masters S Compact GP 1913-U, 18", Adj, Black

CODE: 1913-U

In stock

Fieldhouse GP, 516-U, 17", M, Brown

CODE: 516-U

In stock

Albion K2 GP, 2023-U, 17, MW, Brown
In stock

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