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Dressage Saddles

Your resource for second-hand, British-made saddles. We are happy to work with a copy of your tracings to select the best fit for both you and your horse. Please contact the office info@hastilowusa.com or 717-294-6757 for all saddle fitting questions you may have!!

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Ideal Pony Jessica Dressage 594-U, 16", MW, Black

CODE: 594-U

In stock
16.5 Wide Slightly shorter billets (extend 11" below bottom of flap)

Black Country Eden/Kur Dressage 560-U, 17.5", W, Black

CODE: 560-U

In stock
17.5" Medium/Wide Black Suede seat

Hastilow Piaffe Dressage 1007-U, 17.5", WXW, Black

CODE: 1007-U

In stock
17.5" Wide/Extra Wide Black Spring tree; blemish on cantle Hastilow MFG No: 972862 Can be flocked to template provided by customer More

Hastilow Pathfinder Dressage 656-U, 17", M, Black

CODE: 656-U

In stock
17" Medium Black Hastilow MFG No: 20023070 Can be flocked to template provided by customer More

Frank Baines Capriole Dressage 567-U, 17.5", M+, Black

CODE: 567-U

In stock
17.5" Medium + medium deep seat compact panel Can be flocked to template provided by customer More

Ryder Legacy Dressage 1462-U, 18.5", W, Black

CODE: 1462-U

In stock
18.5" Wide Black Point Strap

Keith Bryant Dressage 1463-U, 17", M, Black

CODE: 1463-U

In stock
17" Med Black Point strap mfg 001095

Keith Bryant Dressage 1446-U, 18.5", M, Black

CODE: 1446-U

In stock
18.5" Med Black Point Strap mfg 0001000

Ideal Jessica Dressage 1417-U, 17.5", MW, Black

CODE: 1417-U

In stock
17.5" MW Black Suede Seat & Roll

Black Country Kur Dressage 1579-U, 19", WXW, Black

CODE: 1579-U

In stock
19" WXW Black Mfg #15110 Memel Surge Panel More

Hastilow Piaffe Dressage 1580-U, 17.5", W, Black

CODE: 1580-U

In stock
17.5" Wide Black Mfg #2008-3806

Albion Dressage Model 1858-U, 17", W, Black

CODE: 1858-U

In stock

Albion SL Dressage 1921-U, 17.5", MW, Black

CODE: 1921-U

In stock

Albion SLK Dressage 1938-U, 17.5", MW, Black

CODE: 1938-U

In stock

Albion SLK Dressage 1944-U, 17.5", M, Black

CODE: 1944-U

In stock

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