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Saddle Fitting Kit


In stock
Our prepared saddle fitting kits provide the tools necessary to take the required tracings of your horse. (Camera Not Included) *Please note: If you have... More

Hastilow Dressage

CODE: 582

In stock
Black Medium/Wide Point and standard girthing Long front gussets New Proflex type tree More

Ideal Forward Jump

CODE: 523

In stock
Brown Medium/Narrow Front gussets Extra forward flap Close Contact wool panel More

KM General Purpose

CODE: 587

In stock
17.5" Adjustable long point SimaTree Brown High Wither model

Black Country Wexford

CODE: 588

In stock
17" Medium/Wide Caramel Front gussets

HCS Concept Mono

CODE: 589

In stock
18" Adjustable short point SimaTree Brown calf seat and knee, black memel flaps Like new! Front block mounted to panel beneath flap, rear... More

KM Pony GP

CODE: 590

In stock
16" Adjustable short point SimaTree Black Front gussets

Hastilow Antelope

CODE: 591

In stock
16.5" Medium/Wide Black Like new!

Ideal Pony Jessica

CODE: 593

In stock
16.5" Wide No Front gussets Standard girthing

Ideal Pony Jessica

CODE: 594

In stock
16.5 Medium plus Suede seat and knee Like new

Black Country Quantum

CODE: 604

In stock
17.5" Medium/Wide Australian Nut No front gusset

Black Country Ricochet

CODE: 602

In stock
17" Medium Dark Brown Suede Seat Front gussets More

Hastilow Antelope

CODE: 603

In stock
17.5" Medium Brown Drop panel

Wyoming Western Trail

CODE: 601

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In stock
16" Quarter Horse Black Lightweight No horn Extra rings More

Kent & Masters GP

CODE: 605

In stock
17.5" Adjustable (R-Bar) High Wither Brown Ghost stitched pads More