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Hastilow Stag GP

CODE: 014

In stock
18", black, medium tree, dropped panel, standard girthing, in great condition!

Fieldhouse C/C Jump

CODE: 017

In stock
Black, 17.5" seat, medium tree, close contact foam dropped panel. Excellent Condition.

Hastilow Proflex Dressage

CODE: 005

In stock
18", medium/wide tree, k panel, point and standard girthing, in excellent condition!!!

Hastilow General purpose Antelope

CODE: 030

In stock
17" Seat, Black, Medium Tree, W/R pre-oiled leather, Good condition Standard girthing. A good saddle for Hunting, trails, or Lower eventing. More

Field House GP Event

CODE: 037

In stock
17" black, medium tree, dropped panel, thigh blocks, with a more forward flap. EXCELLENT Condition!

Black Country GPX

CODE: 023

In stock
18", medium tree, brown, dropped panel, in great condition!!

Ideal Dressage

CODE: 035

In stock
17" Seat, Black, Medium Tree

General Purpose Fieldhouse Event

CODE: 001

In stock
Event GP 17.5" Seat, Black, Medium- Tree. Standard girthing, forward flap. Thigh support. Nice condition, good saddle for eventing at the lower levels or... More

Hastilow 8/80 GP

CODE: 031

In stock
Black, 17", medium tree, standard panel and girthing, thigh block on trop of flap. Great for trail, in great condition!!

Ideal Close Contact Event

CODE: 027

In stock
Ideal Close Contact Event-17.5", black, short front gussetts, dropped panel, with a medium + tree, in excellent condition!!!

Black Country GP

CODE: 048

In stock
Brown, medium tree, 17.5", standard girthing, slight dropped panel, in great condition!

Barnsby Milton Jump

CODE: 071

In stock
Barnsby Milton Jump- 17.5", Medium Tree, Brown, Foam Panel

Ideal Jessica

CODE: 070

In stock
17", medium tree, suede seat and knee, standard panel, point and balance girthing. This saddle is basically brand new!!!!

Hastilow Piaffe Dressage

CODE: 067

In stock
17", medium tree, standard panel and girthing, in great condition!!!

Hastilow Travers

CODE: 029

In stock
Saddle of the Week! 3/26 - 4/1 18" seat medium/wide tree brown point and balance girthing only used as a demo More