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Neue Schule Sport Horse Bits

Many decades of insight into understanding the important dynamics and drivers of communication between horse and rider have driven the design of our amazing bits.This knowledge and passion is deeply embedded in Neue Schule and has evolved to the point where the product design and development process is a refined art.Neue Schule deploys state of the art engineering techniques to capture this design and from a computer system translates this into a manufactured bit, capable of delivering the performance that our customers demand.

This is probably one of the most complex subjects in saddlery.Lorinery is a science of its own and the shape, design, and action of each bit is very personal to each horse. Understanding the mouth, its conformation, and how each bit works gives a better idea of the comfort and control you will develop.

Our bitting lines have been developed by experience Loriners that have taught and competed. They design their bits with comfort and control in mind. For a detailed bitting discussion about conformation cheeks, and mouthpieces, please read the "Tack in Focus" on this site.

We offer a Lease-A-Bit opportunity to our customers. Select any bit and try it for 30 days. If the bit you have chosen does not work, simiply send us an email, return the bit within the 30 days, and we will refund you 90% of the original purchase price.