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Black Country Vinici Tex Eventer

Price: $4,700.00

In stock

Endorsed by Ralph Hill, USA

A favourite in the US, this exciting saddle is specifically targeted at event riders. The forwardness of the flap and the long sloping seat allow plenty of room behind the rider to move around in the saddle and have support when leaning back over drop fences – no more sitting on the cantle! The tree is designed as such that the extra length in the seat is not reflected in the panels.

The girthing system lies neatly above the cushioned sweat flap so as to avoid any discomfort. Small triangular blocks are standard or alternatively, banana knee rolls can be made to order.

This saddle is designed with pure wool panels to help shock absorption when landing and also allowing the horse freedom to stride out without restriction on the shoulders.

A further-forward option is also available for taller riders.w2wf


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