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 Fitting bridles to the shape and conformation of your horses head is important as well as essential. The nerves at the base of the ear are very close to the surface; the protection on the spinal nerves and the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord have little flesh and/or muscle surrounding the area as padding. It is for this reason that the crown piece be the correct shape and fit for your horse. The correct length of the crown piece, not too short or too long through the splits is paramount. An improper fit here will cause pressure on the ears (too short is worse). In relation, brow bands should not distort the fit of the crown piece, they should be 1/2" longer than the distance from the back of one ear to the other.  Brows that are too short pull the headpiece into the ears and onto the nerve channels.  For more discussions of the pressure points of the head and bridle fit, visit "Tack in Focus" on this site.

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