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Neue Schule Demi Anky Loose Ring

CODE: 8011-70 or 8012-70

Price: $154.00

In stock

This bit encourages more movement and play than Eggbutts or Fullcheeks. It discourages blocking, fixing and leaning, also it encourages mouthing allowing the mouthpiece more movement and to follow the angle of the tongue.

14mm mouthpiece available with 55 or 70mm rings. 16 and 18mm mouthpiece available with 70mm rings. Available only in size 5 1/2. **THERE ARE STILL A FEW OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE:16mm/70mm- 6", 16MM/55MM- 5 3/4", 6". ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE AND CAN NO LONGER BE RE-ORDERED**

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