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Neue Schule Sport Horse Bits

Many decades of insight into understanding the important dynamics and drivers of communication between horse and rider have driven the design of our amazing bits.This knowledge and passion is deeply embedded in Neue Schule and has evolved to the point where the product design and development process is a refined art.Neue Schule deploys state of the art engineering techniques to capture this design and from a computer system translates this into a manufactured bit, capable of delivering the performance that our customers demand.

This is probably one of the most complex subjects in saddlery.Lorinery is a science of its own and the shape, design, and action of each bit is very personal to each horse. Understanding the mouth, its conformation, and how each bit works gives a better idea of the comfort and control you will develop.

Our bitting lines have been developed by experience Loriners that have taught and competed. They design their bits with comfort and control in mind. For a detailed bitting discussion about conformation cheeks, and mouthpieces, please read the "Tack in Focus" on this site.

We offer a Lease-A-Bit opportunity to our customers.  Select any bit  and try it for 14 days.  If the bit you have chosen does not work, simiply send us an email, return the bit within the 14 days, and we will refund you 80% of the original purchase price. 

Pricker or Bit Burr

CODE: X345

In stock
This single leather disc has a small area of bristles on the inside which ftis againest the cheek of the horse Designed for horses that pull to one side... More

Pelham Roundings/Convertors

CODE: X346

In stock
These are two rolled leather loops with either billet or buckle ends. They come in short (pony) or longer (horse) and are designed to convert a pelham or... More

Neue Schule Gag Cheekpieces

CODE: X349

In stock
A running gag cheek is designed to act with any running gag, the duncan, balding or cheltenham. These cheeks replace the conventional cheek piece and run... More

Leather Curb Chain Guard


In stock
Leather guard that fits over the curb chain to lessen the effect of the chain and to protect the chin groove. One size

Full Cheek Bit Keepers

CODE: X349a

In stock
Leather loops fitted through the billet on the cheek piece and over the top of the ball cheek on full ball cheek snaffles. Not to be used is no ball is... More

Leather Curb Chain

CODE: X360

In stock
Designed to be less offensive than chain or chain with a guard, these straps work as a chain does but without the pressure of the individual links. The... More

Elastic Curb Strap

CODE: X350

In stock
This type of curb chain is designed for the very sensitive horse. Again it should fit flat and remain flat whilst acting and should come into effect at 45... More

Leather Lip Strap

CODE: X351

In stock
These lips straps are designed to accompany either a curb bit or a pelham with arms (not kimberwicks). A double bridle is not correctly fitted without a lip... More

Chiffney Bit


In stock
Orginally designed as an anit-rear bit for stallions and young stock. This bit is excellent to help with ground manners or for loading difficult horses.... More

Rubber Curb Chain Guard

CODE: X352

In stock
Rubber guard that fits over the curb chain to lessen the effect of the chain and to protect the chin groove. One size.

Neue Schule Leather Curb Strap


In stock
Leather curb strap designed for use with Neue Schule bits, including the Universal. Available in black or havana

Stretch Rubber Bit Guard


In stock
Designed to help senstive lips that need relief when a bit ring pinches or a loose ring is used. Stretch these over the ring after soaking in hot water.... More

Leather Curb Straps

CODE: X347

In stock
A curb strap is designed to be used with elevator bits. The strap gives a medium curb pressure through the curb groove, thus adding to the flexsion element... More

Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Beval

CODE: NS8022-BEV55

In stock
This bit has two settings, and like the Universal offers a choice of just the Baucher type (poll pressure) or the second of a gag action with flexion and... More

Neue Schule Tranz Lozenge Cheltenham Gag

CODE: NS8023/9CG

In stock
These bits suit strong horses that bear down and pull into fences, as it raises and flexes the carriage enabling the rider to stop with more control. They... More

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