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Beris Bits

Beris horse bits are made from a flexible material arround a steel core. They are anatomically designed to fit the horse's mouth. Beris bits are comfortably and encourage increased relaxation to a soft yet consistent contact.
Offering a full range of Mullen and Ported mouthed Snaffles, Full Cheeks, Gags, Pelhams, and Tandem bits plus the popular Curb Gag design.

The bits are hand made in Germany and will soon be a leader thanks to its quality, availability and performance not to mention a price point that is affordable to the recreational rider and professional alike.

We offer a Lease-A-Bit opportunity to our customers.  Select any bit  and try it for 14 days.  If the bit you have chosen does not work, simiply send us an email, return the bit within the 14 days, and we will refund you 80% of the original purchase price. 


Beris Pelham Leather Bar

CODE: 10227

In stock
Long shank or short shank Available in sizes 4.75", 5", and 5.5" Choose between a soft or hard mouthpiece More

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